Foresight Optometry And Orthokeratology Practice Consultants

Have you decided to realize your dream of opening your own practice? If so, congratulations! You’ve made the first step of committing to your dream. The next step is to ensure you have all the information and tools necessary to evolve that dream of practice ownership into a successful reality. While this can be overwhelming, you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

foresight optometry consulting

Foresight Optometric Consulting is specifically designed to help you realize success in your start-up practice. Whether you are a few months from starting your practice or already 8 months into your new practice, Foresight Optometric Consulting provides you with a comprehensive guidance and strategy program designed to ensure your long-term success.

As with all successful ventures, the foundation is critical. Start-up practices require sound business fundamentals from the beginning to ensure profitable success through the many growth phases of a practice. Foresight Optometric Consulting will partner with you to build these fundamentals into the vision you have for your practice. 

You see, not only does Foresight Optometric Consulting share your vision of success, but we have personally lived and experienced the start-up process. We are optometrists who have successfully started and developed practices in the same environment as you now face. That has allowed Foresight Optometric Consulting to develop the leading comprehensive consulting program for start-up practice success based on current, proven, and experience-based strategies.

Services For New Practices Wanting To Incorporate Ortho K

We are the only consulting company to offer a truly complete start-up system to optimize your ability to succeed. The services below are offered to each of our clients as a part of our platinum package:
  • Design and prepare a customized professional business plan
  • Detailed and specific budgeting
  • Office design and equipment furnishing
  • Office and staff manual
  • Establishing and controlling inventory
  • Staff contracts, hiring, salaries, training, and staff management
  • Optical dispensary training
  • Marketing techniques and strategies
  • Vendor agreements
  • Medical billing manual with insurance strategies
  • Customized professional website
  • Customized print materials – logo, superbill, business cards, letterhead
  • Social media set-up
  • Professional photography and video marketing options
  • Semi-monthly private topic specific consultations (24 topics)
  • Regular analysis of performance statistics

As part of our services to the Optometric community, we are constantly looking to improve.  We know that the market is changing and so should you.  If your practice is not doing as much volume as it should be then you should consider hiring someone to help with marketing your practice.  If your website is not hideous then you may want to consider NOT paying someone to remake your website.  We just talked with a potential customer and they had been talking with all sorts of other companies, and every one of those companies wanted to remake their website!  We think this was crazy.  Why should anyone pay for remaking a website if the only thing that is wrong with the website is poor content or not great backlinks.  We are friends with a company that does great seo work for optometry private practices.  They are more of experts than us in SEO.  You can check them out  at       

We love to work in North Carolina and normally focus of efforts in towns or 50,000 people or more including the great cities of: